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Upkeep has a new range of services added to their tally of offerings. With these services Upkeep has left no stone unturned for keeping the interior and exterior hardware of your household perfectly splendid. The new range of services include :-

AC Servicing- The Air Conditioner of your house has done its best to keep you cool during the hot and harsh summers. It is only right ti return the favor by scheduling a timely check with Upkeep’s AC services.

Plumbing works- Keeping your household's drainage system is an important chore to follow up. Therefore, Upkeep has put in thought and come up with their plumbing services, to remove the stress from your head.

Electrical works- Your households electrical wiring and other related electrical works is important to keep an eye on, so as to avoid a big disaster and Upkeep has just the right service to do this.

Handyman services- If you are in urgent need of a handyman to take care of some minor renovations and domestic repairs, then Upkeep has the right solution to tackle this need. Upkeep now provides Handyman services which will solve all your urgent renovation/ repair needs in a jiffy.



We provide highly trained and skilled staff to clean your premises. 


We value your time and make sure to complete any service within the promised time without any compromise in quality.


We use quality products and equipment to keep your premise crystal clear. Our preference is for products and methods that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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