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About upkeep cleaning services

For a cleaner and better living!

We hereby introduce our dynamic building maintenance professional cleaning company in Dubai operating as UPKEEP Services L.L.C. We are engaged in providing our clients and prospects a delight class cleaning services in the area of contractual maintenance and One-time maintenance of residential, office, commercial and industrial space building maintenance with includes mechanized cleaning, floor and carpet maintenance. Ours is an epitome of excellence towards satisfying our clients need. As such we have at our disposal excellent, well-trained, trustworthy, staff and equipment to carry out these cleaning activities and other auxiliary services to suit your requirement.

Upkeep professional cleaning company in Dubai uses a sustainable business model which incorporates state-of-the-art computerized office facilities and modern technologies to reach out to clients and serve their building maintenance needs. Dedicated to the upkeep of buildings & properties through the provision of a wide range of ancillary services, Upkeep aims to become the provider of choice in the delivery of Building maintenance services and serve as a single point of contact for diversified soft and hard building cleaning services throughout Dubai.


We provide highly trained and skilled staff to clean your premises. 


We value your time and make sure to complete any service within the promised time without any compromise in quality.


We use quality products and equipment to keep your premise crystal clear. Our preference is for products and methods that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

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