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Upkeep cleaning services are specialized in Disinfection and Sanitization services in Dubai for Residential and Commercial buildings. We provide safe, effective and high-quality services at the most affordable price.

Our team of, Virus task force creates a disinfecting service plan that is customized for your place with detailed attention to high touch surfaces and objects to minimize the risk of virus transfer. We use the most advanced equipment and disinfectants to deliver the high standard service to customers.

Our Sanitization and Disinfection services, have the potential to prevent and eliminate the spread of flu and viruses at Home, Office, Hospital, School, Apartment, Warehouse, Retail, Restaurant, Daycare center, Bar, Gym, and other businesses.


We follow a 3 Step process to prevent and eliminate the viruses, germs, and bacteria from your place.

First Step: We do deep cleaning in this process, as we aim to remove dirt, dust, and grime from highly touched surfaces and objects like(Shower heads, Taps, Kitchen & Bathroom tiles, Door handles, light switches, etc.

Second Step: In the sanitization process, we sanitize the entire place to eliminate and reduce the spread of the viruses and bacteria from your premises.

Third Step: In the Disinfection process, we use chemicals to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria from your surfaces or objects.


How Upkeep Sanitization service works

Book your appointment You can book our services through our website, phone or Social media messenger

Upkeep Team Arrives Our Team will visit your location & prepare a customized cleaning service plan for your premises

Cleaning Treatment Once the setup is ready our cleaning experts start the Sanitization and Disinfection service to eliminate the virus, germs, and bacteria from your premises.


Our Cleaning experts will provide Disinfection solutions to all highly touched surfaces.

  • kitchen wares
  • Door handles/Knobs
  • Furniture's
  • Wall & Floor
  • Light switches
  • Keyboards
  • Desk surfaces
  • Toilets and Bathroom furniture etc.
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    Benefits of Upkeep Sanitization and Disinfection service

      • Effectively kills viruses and Bacteria from your place.
      • We use Govt authorized Eco-friendly chemicals.
      • Affordable price
      • Prevents the spread of disease
      • Safe and Healthier Environment
      • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Stop viruses and bacteria from spreading.

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